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Council of the Faculty



Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Sabour Mahmoud

Dean of the Faculty (President)

Prof. Dr. Iman Abdel Fattah El Bitar

The Faculty Vice-dean for Education and Student Affairs (Member)

Prof. Dr. Howyida Sadek Abdelhameed

The Acting Vice-dean for Postgraduate Studies and Researches (Member)

Prof. Dr. Amal Ahmed Hassan Omran

The Acting Vice-dean for Community Service and Environment Development (Member)

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shawky Zaghlol

The Supervisor of Internal Nursing and Surgery Department

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Osama Hejazi

The Supervisor of Nursing Service Administration Department

Prof. Dr. Galal El Kholy

The Supervisor of Maternal and Newborn Health Department

Prof. Dr. Abu Zaid Abdullah Khedr

The Supervisor of Psychiatric Nursing Department

Prof. Dr. Osam Abu El Fotoh

The Supervisor of Pediatric Nursing Department

Prof. Dr. Soad Darwish

The Supervisor of Community Health Nursing Department

Prof. Dr. Mostafa Haikal

The Professor of Ophthalmology and the General Manager of the University Hospitals

 Dr. Hanaa Abd El- Gawad Abd El -Hamid

Older Lecturer alternately

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health

The Manger of Benha Children specialized Hospital