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1- Promote of nursing profession through providing comprehensive learning chance for clinical training &scientific research.
2-Develop creative abilities &thinking skills in clinical field for technological patients care.
3- Activate applying the developed technology in lab simulation to create nursing programs according international academic standards to provide ideal learning experience.
4- Follow ethical nursing profession and national and international academic references standard.
5- Information technology with similar university as apart of siblings achieves flexibility of teaching.
6- Encourage electronic siblings and use electronic learning for under graduates &post graduates.
7- Prepare leaders affect &develop nursing profession &therapeutic sanitary environment.
8- Design consistent scientific research programs which support &co-operate with learning systems and social agency.
9- Support professional development &learning chances forever for staff, employees and students.
10- Establish creative strategy to arouse national &international students.
11- The faculty aim to establish scientific cooperation with some the same faculties in Egypt to identify the new trends in nursing learning process field &communication with different scientific school to achieve maximum benefities to students &faculty staff &create national leaders carry educational technology for Egyptian university .
12- Apply self evaluation to improve leaning process, research and services which presents to community.