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Wednesday, 04 September 2019 09:49

Workshop about Projects Management at Benha University

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Benha University held a workshop of Projects management by cooperation with DAAd under presidency of Prof.Dr\ Gamal El Saeed, Benha University President and in presence of Dr \Nasser El Gezawy, the general…
The university president sign a partnership protocol with the general secretary of CIB bank to purchase the required equipment to establish big babies custodies for the premature kids in Benha University's hospital…
Under the auspices of the university president and the University's adopted –openness policy toward its students in support of the American agency of international development and the professional counseling center in the…
The faculty of nursing's delegation who represent Egypt in 6INSS scholarship in Indonesia under the presidency of the faculty's of nursing dean and the faculty's deputies handed the university president a certificate…