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Latest News (1086)

Faculty of Nursing Latest News

In the frame of prof.Dr. Abd EL-Momen Shams EL-Din, The faculty’s dean of supporting the societal activities and amend the educational edifices of the university’s faculties. The faculty of applied arts finishes…
There is a lecture that has been delivered prof.Dr. Gamal Ewis, the chemistry professor in the faculty to talk about the Job opportunities for the faculty of science’s graduates.
The entrepreneurship and innovation center to support the innovative projects announces that there is a competition of supporting the innovative projects of higher education students. The deadline is 30/9/2019.
Prof.Dr\ Gamal El Saeed , the University president issued a decree to establish Benha University museum under presidency of Prof.Dr.Abd El Moamen El Qurnfly ,Faculty of Applied Arts dean and membership of…